True2D is an independent video game studio create in Belgium. With the aims to achieve, firstly free Android applications with original gameplay which gives me time to deepen my programming skills in Unity, then gradually move on the development of computer games with a scenario more concise and a fascinating universe.

-Press Kit-

Open The Chest 2 - 50%

Open The Chest 2 (July to Now )

In this puzzle game, your job is to open the chest.
Yeah, a chest with your MOUSE !

Of course, there is more than one chest (6 chests in this early access and more are to come !)

Get Ideas To Draw (June )

True2D Picture Get Ideas To Draw Application Android and Html tools

Generate a random idea to draw!

Get Ideas To Draw is perfect for designers / painter / digital painter / speed ​​painter / stranded in front of their white paper, a simple push of the button generates a random idea to draw.
Get Ideas To Draw are an Android application and an Html tools made with Unity!

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Open The Chest (May )

True2D Picture Open The Chest Gameplay Html Game

Try to open the chest!

In this puzzle game, put your patience to the test, overcome the puzzles and try to unlock the chest.
Open The Chest are a free Html game made with Unity!

Blue Fish (Apr. )

Fishing, exploring dungeons, fighting monster fish and solving puzzles!

In this adventure and fishing game, explore, fight, solve puzzles and catch all the fish to expose them in your aquarium.
Blue Fish are a game concept in Html with computer as final target!

Ball 42 (March )

True2D Picture Ball 42 Gameplay Android Html Game

Keep your focus, aim and try to get the ball in as many times as possible!

In this arcade game, throw the ball at the right time and try to get it in the first time to win a diamond, use your diamonds in the shop to unlock new colors.
Ball 42 are a free Android and Html game made with Unity!

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Click Fish (Feb. )

True2D Picture Click Fish Gameplay Android Html Game

Click for feed your fish, collect coins and improve it!

In this game, you can click on your fish for feed it. More you click and more your fish generate coin, with this coin go to the shop and unlock / upgrade new items for feed your fish more quickly!
Click Fish are a free Android and Html game made with Unity!

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Space Fish (Jan. )

True2D Picture Space Fish Gameplay Android Html Game

Collect plants and use them as hook to catch incredible intergalactic fish!

On this asteroid a lot of comet twirls and hits the ground wildly, dodge them and continue to fish quietly, Make your best score and go to the shop to buy sumptuous cosmetics!
Space Fish are a free Android and Html game made with Unity!

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